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Regular Declensions — Declension 3

Posted by on October 2, 2019

The Third Declension

The third declension comprises the following nouns (but no adjectives):
  1. monosyllabic (single syllable) masculine nouns ending in i,
  2. disyllabic (having two syllables) masculine nouns ending in i, which have a single consonant sound between the two syllables, e.g., dhobi, ghaddi.
  3. monosyllabic neuter nouns ending in im, e.g., bim
  4. disyllabic neuter nouns ending in im, which have a single consonant sound between the two syllables, e.g, tantim.

The masculine nouns of this declension retain the same form in the nominative plural. For example, the plural of dhobi is dhobi while the plural of ghaddi is ghaddi.

The monosyllabic neuter nouns, however, form their plurals by adding another syllable, i.e, by changing the ending im into iyam. For example, bim changes to biyam.

The rules for the formation of the flex stems are the same for both masculine and neuter nouns. In the case of the monosyllabic nouns, to form the singular flex stem, the ending i or im changes to iya, while for the plural flex stem, the ending changes to iyam, e.g., bim changes to biya to form the singular flex stem and to biyam to form the plural flex stem.

GenderSingularSing. FlexPluralPlur. FlexMeaning
Masc. Dhobi
Masc. Ghaddi GhaddyaGhaddiGhaddyamSorcerer(s)
NeuterBim BiyaBiyamBiyamSeeding(s)
NeuterTantim TantyaTantyamTantyamEgg(s)
NeuterMotim MôtyaMôtyamMôtyam Jewel(s)


  1. Ti ghaddyanchi bud gheta = She has recourse to sorcerers (Literally: she takes advice from sorcerers.
  2. Mhozo tuvalo ani amchim sogllim chedram dhôbyak di = Give my towel and all our bedsheets to the launderer.
  3. Mhoji akoi tantyam bhazta ani tantyanchim korlam gobrant uddoita = My aunt (father’s sister) fries eggs and throws the egg shells into wood ash.
  4. Xettichea môtyak polleun amim tem gheunchem kelem = After seeing the goldsmith’s jewel, we decided to purchase it.

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