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What is NostalGoa about?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANostalGoa is an expression of our nostalgia for Goa and her rich heritage of culture and traditions. This is a modest attempt on our part to present to Goans in general, and to those living abroad in particular, a variety of features that should bring them closer to Goa by reviving old memories and rekindling their love for their homeland. The idea is to fire your imagination with sufficient steam to almost transport you into a Goan balcanv.

However, our main coverage will embrace the Konkani language, music and culture in general, and hence NostalGoa should appeal not just to Goans but to all lovers of Konkani, particularly Mangaloreans who share a lot with Goans. We shall do our best to make your visits to NostalGoa as pleasant and rewarding as we can.

Our aim will best be achieved if our viewers too contribute their mite to this website by way of articles, pictures and videos covering topics and events related to Goa and her history, language and culture, which will be thankfully accepted and normally published here (perhaps after a few edits if and wherever necessary). We want to thank you for your visits, viewership and contributions. And since ours is a nonprofit affair, your generosity may also prompt you towards more mundane contributions to support and sustain our efforts.

The NostalGoa team

4 Responses to What is NostalGoa about?

  1. Dr. Mohan Prabhu, QC

    I would very much love to know if you have articles on Konkani Verb Declensions. I have found only one so far which was helpful. Your earlier post on Noun declensions (featuring put=son) was not only helpful but hilarious. It is only a beginning. Please give me relevant coordinates to log on to. Thanks.

    • Nostalgoa

      Hello Dr. Prabhu,
      Modifications of nouns and adjectives come under the purview of declensions, whereas modifications of verbs come under conjugations. When you open, you will see the main categories mentioned on the top right. Click on “Grammar” and you will see the topics that have been covered so far. So far only two Regular Declensions and two Regular Conjugations have been covered. More will follow in the near future. Thanks for the interest you have shown.

      Avertano Nazareth

  2. Dr. Mohan Prabhu, QC

    Please indicate where I can read your reply to my earlier email – in my mailbox? Thanks.

    • Nostalgoa

      I have already replied to your earlier comment. Thanks. Avertano Nazareth

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