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Words /Apellations Referring to Various Types of Relationships

Posted by on February 20, 2015

How family members and other relatives are addressed and referred to

Although it might be more appropriate to class this post as a vocabulary item, for practical reasons I have decided to include it here in the Spoken Konkani section.

The list given below is admittedly limited to the usage mostly among Goan Catholics and not all Konkani speaking people. The reason is not that we are not interested in Konkani spoken elsewhere, but only that we are not competent enough to represent them. Secondly, it is not an exhaustive enumeration of all types of relationships. More words will be added by and by, and as we get more suggestions and contributions, this section will be edited and enlarged.

Apellation Relationship   Apellation Relationship
Pay Father Mãy Mother
Ghôv, Ghorkar Husband Bail, Ghorkarn Wife
Put Son Dhuv Daughter
Bhav Brother Bhoinn Sister
Irmanv Elder brother Mana Elder sister
Akoi Father’s sister General) Mavxi Mother’s sister (general)
Akoimãy Father’s elder sister Mavximãy Mother’s elder sister
Akoimana Father’s younger sister Mavximana Mother’s younger sister
Tiv, Titiv Father’s brother (general) Mam, Mamti Mother’s  brother
tiê Paternal uncle’s wife Mami Maternal uncle’s wife
Titivlo 1 Father’s younger brother Mamulo 1 Mother’s younger brother
Azo Grandfather Aji Grandmother
Xapay Paternal grandfather Papay Maternal grandfather
Xamãy Paternal grandmother Mamãy Maternal grandmother
Natu Grandson Nat Granddaughter
Manv Husband’s father Sasupay Wife’s father
Ghorkarnmãy Husband’s mother Sasumãy Wife’s mother
Saddu Wife’s sister’s husband Zav Husband’s brother’s wife
Dêr Husband’s brother Mivnno Wife’s brother
Nonnôn Husband’s sister Mivnni Wife’s sister
Vhoni Brother’s wife Kunhad 2 Sister’s husband
Sun Daughter-in-law Zanvui 3 Son-in-law
Bhapulbhav Father’s brother’s son Bhapulbhoinn Father’s brother’s daughter
Mavxibhav Mother’s sister’s son Mavxibhoinn Mother’s sister’s daughter
Soiro, i, em Relative Xezari, xezarn Neighbour
Ixtt, amig Male friend Ixttinn, amig Female friend
Padrinh, Podôrn Godfather Madrinh, Modôrn Godmother
Filiad Godchild Daiji Distant relation
Vei Son–in-law’s or daughter-in-law’s father  Vênn Son–in-law’s or daughter-in-law’s mother
Ponnttu Great grandson  Purvôz Ancestor

1. The diminutives Titivlo and Mamulo are very informal, almost slang, yet not disrespectful
2. Kunhad comes from the Portuguese word cunhado
3. Ghorzanvui is a son-in-law who makes his home at the in-laws’, usually because his wife is the only child

Note: You will notice some uncovered gaps in the list of relationships. For example, what is a father’s sister’s son called? Such lacunae seem to occur in cases of asymmetry within that section of the family tree. That could be attributed either to the language’s natural affinity for symmetry or perhaps to the fact that I may not be knowledgeable enough on the matter. Your contributions in this regard are therefore welcome.

11 Responses to Words /Apellations Referring to Various Types of Relationships

  1. Sylvan Azavedo

    Ponttu is great-grand-son

  2. Virginia Wells

    Can you please tell me what is the Goan term for grandfather and grandmother, perhaps both on paternal and maternal side. Kind regards

    • Nostalgoa

      Paternal grandfather and grandmother are called xapai (pronounced shapai) and xamãi (pronounced shamãi) respectively, whereas maternal grandfather and grandmother are called papai and mamãi respectively.

  3. Virginia Wells

    Can you please tell me what is the Goan term for grandfather and grandmother, perhaps both on paternal and maternal side. Kind regards

  4. Naresh

    What is the word for grandson and grand daughter from daughter’s side?

    • Nostalgoa

      Natu and Nat are the Konkani words for grandson and grand daughter respectively, whether paternal or maternal.

  5. Daryl

    Can you please tell me what the Konkani words are for great grandmother and great grandfather please (on both paternal and maternal sides).

    • Nostalgoa

      Great grandfather is ponnzo and great grandmother is ponnji, whether paternal or maternal

  6. Niki

    What do I call my akai s husband & Mausi s husband also titiv s wife as

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