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Rôchlay, Deva, Pôs

Posted by on August 1, 2017

One good turn deserves another

Translated literally, it says: “God, you have created me, nurture me”, though the exact sense it conveys is: God, you have created me, now how about taking care of me!

Rôchlay, Deva, pôs — just three words — and so pious they almost articulate a sublime prayer! But they are loaded with some connotations and associations. The proverb is meant to describe situations wherein you choose to do someone a favour and, in return (that is, on account of that favour), you are led to do another, or even a series of more, and perhaps greater, favours to the same party.

You invite a family to dinner. They arrive by the last bus. They enjoy the meal alright. But when the dinner is over, they have a problem getting back home. You have no option but to crown your invitation to dinner with an offer to drive them back home or else accommodate them at your place for the night! Rôchlay, Deva, pôs!

Or perhaps your friend, Sebby, has to travel a long distance to go to work. Now, seeing that his work place happens to be quite close to your residence, you generously offer him accommodation in your own house, and boy! Is he glad to accept your offer! Now it takes him just five minutes to walk his way to work. But that isn’t the end of the story.  When it’s dinner time, Sebby quite naturally turns up at your dining table as well. Rôchlay, Deva, pôs!

3 Responses to Rôchlay, Deva, Pôs

  1. Mario Fernandes

    Hello there,

    I just happened to come across your website when searching for a kind of guide to learn Konkani. I would like to commend you for your work.

    Although I have not gone through it all, from what I have seen and read, you have set up an excellent site! One that is both practical and put together in a very appealing way – very interesting detailed background information is given that makes enjoyable reading.

    I notice there have not been any posts for a while. Is the site still active please?

    Best regards
    Mario Fernandes

    • Nostalgoa

      Thanks for your appreciative comments. I plan to resume writing after a week or so.

    • Nostalgoa

      Sorry for yet another delay. I have been out of touch with the technicalities of posting on the website. I am in the process of getting back.

      Avertano Nazareth

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