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Mhojea patkacho khuris

Posted by on January 29, 2015

The cross of my life

“Mhojea patkacho khuris”   literally means, “The cross of my sin (singular)”, i.e., “the punishment for my sins”. It is generally used to describe a person, and usually a close family member, who is a source of one’s suffering. As you can see, it is generally and most appropriately (and sometimes even affectionately!) used in the first person singular as a kind of a lamentation: “To mhojea patkacho khuris”  (He is my cross).

Although it has a clear reference to sin, it is not all meant to reflect any guilt. It exclusively refers to the suffering as caused by somebody and not to the suffering as a punishment for one’s sins. It could even be an immaculate and absolutely sinless person complaining about someone who is the cause of her affliction.

The images that this phrase brings to my mind are that of a woman complaining about either her drunkard husband who harasses her, or about a wayward son who roams around idle without contributing anything towards the household. However, it is not at all inappropriate to use the phrase to refer to a lady member of the family as well, and neither is it rare for the complainant to be a man.

So the next time you want to reproach your husband or your son, don’t forget to say, “Tum mhojea patkacho khuris“! 

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