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Irregular verbs: Zanno zaunk & Nokllo zaunk

Posted by on February 5, 2015

Indicative Present of zanno zaunk and nokllo zaunk/em>

Like most languages, Konkani has a number of irregular verbs. We have already seen one of them: asonk, to be. Zanno zaunk (to know) and nokllo zaunk (not to know) are two others, which are very commonly used.
Zanno zaunk

Singular Plural
 1st Person  Hanv zannom  I know  Ami zannonv We know
 2nd Person  Tum zannoi Thou knowest  Tumi zannot You know
 3rd Person  To zanno, ti zanno, tem zanno He/she/it knows  Te zannot, teô zannot, tim zannot  They know

Nokllo zaunk

Singular Plural
 1st Person  Hanv nokllom  I do not know  Ami nokllonv We do not know
 2nd Person  Tum noklloi Thou dost not know  Tumi nokllot You don’t know
 3rd Person  To nokllo, ti nokllo, tem nokllo He/she/it does not know  Te nokllot, teô nokllot, tim nokllot  They do not know


Note: Most of the time, in colloquial language, noko is used instead of nokllo, thus: hanv nokom, tum nokoi, etc.

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