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Regular Conjugations — Introduction

How all conjunctions are to be embedded in the vocabulary Incorporating grammar into the vocabulary is nothing new. That is the way students of Latin learn nouns and verbs, and that little extra load on vocabulary learning more than compensates for the easy acquisition of the corresponding grammar. That is the model I have adopted … Continue reading »

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Declensions of Nouns — Introduction

General rules and case endings for the inflections General rules The way to form the various inflections is to take the crude form (singular or plural, according to the cases) and then add the particular case ending. In other words, the singular case or inflection is to be formed by adding the singular case ending … Continue reading »

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Fetyêk mharog

Costly by design This phrase has its origin in jewellery. Gold, for example, is expensive enough. But the quality of the design adds to the cost, mainly due to the goldsmith’s labour involved. The phrase is used when the material is relatively cheap but the cost of the finished product grows out of proportion to the cost … Continue reading »

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